90-Day Executive Negotiating Intensive

In highly competitive markets, executives need to develop the ability to step back, refocus, and understand their negotiating potential in a new light. The Executive Negotiating Intensive incorporates Bob Gibson’s vast experience and insight into a behavior changing program that delivers results.

Designed exclusively for top business executives, this program has received raves from clients around the world because it teaches the skills to negotiate effectively with those inside and outside the organization. The program uses role-playing, hands-on exercises and instruction to teach the most critical negotiating skills.

We understand that, to be effective at changing thinking and behavior, a program has to include opportunities to gain new knowledge, to learn by doing, and it must include follow-up and reinforcement.  The Executive Negotiating Intensive does all of that with an emphasis on the two most important factors for successful training:

It is an ongoing experience

  • Up front interviews with top executives to ensure all sessions are “on target” for your group
  • 2-days of in-depth, hands-on training in business negotiating sessions
  • 30 days in the field during which executives keep logs of their negotiation, analyze their strengths and weaknesses
  • Ongoing and full access to negotiation specialist Bob Gibson by phone and e-mail for help in implementation
  • Books and audio CDs/mp3files (good for windshield time) reinforce the training
  • 1-day follow-up for review, discussion, more practice, and graduation

It is a customized experience

  • Interviews assure relevance for your group
  • Telecasts are designed exclusively for your executive team reinforcing the concepts covered in the training
  • Sessions include negotiation exercises taken from your organizations real life situations
  • Presentations are entertaining and informative because they are tailored to your executive’s needs

Participants will hear, see, practice and internalize the proven negotiation strategies and tactics we share.