Conflict Resolution Training for Business

Conflict in business is costly. It shifts the focus away from productivity, away from work, and negatively impacts the bottom line of a company. By some estimates, managers spend up to 20 percent of their time on conflict resolution. If that’s the case, morale is low as well.

This program teaches proven methods for recognizing and resolving conflict.

We have been teaching in corporate situations since 1987, and our sessions are down-to-earth, common sense, and practical. Our work is not academic or theoretical.

This offering is not just for managers, but for employees as well.

Participants learn simple techniques in one session that enable them to effectively resolve most conflicts in the workplace, including:

  • Sources of conflict
  • Recognizing conflict
  • Proven Methods of resolving conflict
  • Teaching others how to resolve their own conflicts the next time they occur
  • Styles of dealing with conflict – Utilizing the proven Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, participants come to understand and identify the positions taken by most people during business conflicts: avoiding, accommodating, competing, compromising, and collaborating.