For two decades, we’ve helped companies and individuals conduct better business transactions worldwide. When the outcome of a negotiation is important and you can‘t afford to lose, you need Negotiating Wisdom. 

We combine our negotiation expertise with your knowledge of your situation to devise and execute a carefully prepared negotiation strategy.

We work with your team to assure a successful outcome. Each assignment is unique but usually involves the following elements:

Intelligence Gathering

Without accurate background information on the other party’s strategy, agendas, management, and tactics, you’re negotiating in the dark. We conduct due diligence to gain targeted intelligence to arm you with the edge you need to ensure your success during preparation and the negotiation process.

Team Selection

A key task when negotiating is assembling a great team and choosing its members appropriately. Interviews, assessments, and experience assure your team has the proper balance of specific skill, experience and sincerity to achieve the best possible outcome.

Negotiation Planning

A common mistake in negotiation is inadequate planning. Many teams that think they’re prepared haven’t even scratched the surface. We steer your team through a complete planning process: objectives, tactics, strategies, risks, alternatives, timing, positioning for advantage, best and worst scenarios, and dealing with tactics from the other side.

Negotiation Preparation

This hands-on training is intensive and rigorous. Your team is rehearsed, video taped and given feedback – first with role-playing and practice within the team, then with mock opposition. This builds awareness, judgment, and confidence. Your team should be prepared to the point that nothing catches them off guard, nothing arises that they have not planned for, and they are in control of the situation.

The Negotiation

With strategy set, preparation completed, and skills rehearsed, you’re ready to move to the negotiation table. Bob Gibson can quietly coach the team "behind the scenes" or actively direct them with real time participation and guidance through the negotiation process. We’ll make sure you achieve the outcome you seek.