Negotiation in the Financial Industry

Program Modules

The Big Picture

Module 1
Welcome and Overview.

Module 2
Challenges to the financial professional in becoming a good negotiator, and why it's so important that you become one. The top 5 situations that will assure a poor outcome if you fail to negotiate well.

Module 3
Key perceptions regarding negotiating.

Module 4
Negotiating styles. Each participant will discover their dominant negotiating style, and how to utilize that style for maximum results. Differences in style between technical/financial and non-financial people in negotiation – and how to bridge those style differences to achieve success.

Module 5
Positioning. A powerful module. Participants learn the concept of positioning and how to position themselves and your organization for maximum results. This is the key to gaining additional business and achieving high rates on your loans while maintaining great relationships with your customers. Positioning mistakes often made by professionals within the financial community – and how to avoid them.

Module 6
Power. We shine a spotlight on power: Where it comes from. How to get more of it. How to not be abused by other’s power.

Module 7
When to negotiate (and when not to).  Avoiding “religious wars”. How to make sure you don’t win the battle but lose the war.

Module 8
The greatest negotiation principle

Before The Negotiation

Module 9
Preparation. How to prepare for negotiation. Expectation. Aiming high. Assessing strengths and weakness of yourself and others. This section includes a preparation checklist in the resource section.

Module 10
Reading others/what makes this guy tick?

Module 11
Expectation levels

Module 12
Logistics of Negotiation

Module 13
The Success Formula/Your secret weapon

The Negotiation

Module 14
Opening the negotiation/Establishing rapport

Module 15
Finding that middle ground

Modules 16-19
Tactics and Strategies. These modules deal with the actual tactics and strategies of negotiation. Each is introduced and demonstrated, then discussed and role played by the group.

Module 20
Concession Strategies. How do you give in without losing face? How do you concede while maintaining the relationship? How do you concede in such a way that you end up in the final destination you desired?

Module 21
Creativity and negotiation/thinking on your feet

Module 22
Ending the negotiation


Module 23
Coaching others to be good negotiators

Module 24

  • Team negotiating
  • Advantages of a team
  • Pitfalls of a team
  • Picking the team
  • How the team works

Module 25
Phone/email negotiation

Wrapping Up

Module 26
Lessons from my Dad

Module 27

Module 28
What it takes to become a master negotiator