How to Negotiate with Americans

Dealing and doing business with Americans can be frustrating. They think differently, they can be arrogant, the timing of business is often different, and building relationships can be difficult. But America is the biggest market in history, and if you want your part of it, you’d better know the ins and outs of the system.

This program explains how Americans think and how they will most commonly react in negotiations. This comprehensive course helps participants prepare for and avoid common mistakes with simulation exercises and extensive sessions on planning.

While each session is different, depending on delivery location, certain aspects of the program remain universal:

Tactics & Strategies
Through two decades in business and negotiation all over the world, CEO Bob Gibson has become internationally renowned as a negotiation specialist. He is intimately familiar with the most common and effective tactics used in American Business and he’ll teach your executives how to respond effectively to them.

Continuum of Business/Moments of Truth
A key thought process that separates this program from all other negotiation instruction. It’s the key to successful business deals while maintaining relationships.

All About Power
Where real power comes from, how to get more of it, how to face and successfully outsmart the other parties power. When you’re dealing with Americans, you’d better understand this, and be good at it.

How to position yourself and what you want for maximum strength in a negotiation.

Formula for Success
A proven process that works wonders in any negotiation. It heads off trouble before it starts. It’s a simple, but profoundly effective tool.

Negotiation Style
How to find your natural negotiation style and determine the style of the people across the table and use both successfully.

Using the “STREET-SMART Negotiation Planner”, executives learn how to really plan before a negotiation. The planner guides them through the minefields of international negotiation. It helps them avoid mistakes, and most importantly - it shapes the way they think. They will reach a point where they will never be ambushed again.