Sales Negotiation Training Course:
Negotiating High-Profit Sales, Part 2 - The Deep Dive

Negotiating High-Profit Sales Part II has much less lecture, and much more interactive, hands-on work on the part of the participants. Part II focuses on expanding and internalizing the skills and abilities covered in Negotiating High-Profit Sales, Part I, which has been delivered in 20 countries for 20 years,

Part II uses role-playing, hands-on exercises, video feedback, case studies and instruction to teach and internalize the most critical negotiating skills. Your people will negotiate with a confidence and skill level you've never seen before.

This is roll-your-sleeves-up, intensive, “deep tissue” work.  It takes the same principles we covered in Part I plus advanced concepts, but takes a deep dive into the performance of the skills and actions needed to negotiate at a high level.

Examples and case studies are from the worlds of business, government, and the international community.

In addition, Part II integrates concession strategies, body language, reading other people and logistics.

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Building On Part I: