Sales Negotiation Training Course:
Negotiating High-Profit Sales

Sales people by the thousands are being outfoxed – not because buyers are smarter but because they are better negotiators.  Each day, your company’s sales team leaves money on the table because they lack critical negotiating skills.

Sales ability determines your gross revenues, but Negotiating ability determines your profit!

This sales negotiation training program is exclusively designed to help your sales professionals create more profitable relationships with buyers.  It teaches the negotiating skills needed to obtain new business with solid margins!

Each sales negotiation training program is customized to your industry and situation, but below are techniques and insights your salespeople will learn:

Tactics & Strategies

Stop leaving profits on the table! Generate higher profits while you enhance customer relationships. With two decades of experience in sales & sales management and teaching salespeople all over the world, Bob knows every tactic used by buyers. He’s identified the most effective, the ones used on your sales force day-in & day-out, and he’ll teach your sales force exactly how to respond to them.

"Turning Points"

Every sales negotiation hinges on “Turning Points”. They’re the crucial moments in a negotiation.  They often determine the profitability of a deal, and most salespeople aren’t tuned in to them. Once they become aware of the turning points, and know how to utilize them – everything can change!

All About Power

This is the real game. Either your salesperson or the buyer is going to be the alpha player, and your salesperson better understand and be comfortable with power: where it comes from, how to get more of it, and most important - how to successfully confront and overcome your buyer’s power.


How to position your company, its products and services - and the salespeople themselves - for maximum value in the marketplace. Positioning is critical for two reasons: it's the key to getting profitable business by building value, instead of cutting price!  And it's the key to selling to repeat customers, where you have to not only forge a good agreement, but you're welcome back time after time!

Formula for Success

A proven process that works wonders with buyers. It heads off trouble before it starts, and it puts your salespeople in charge of the meeting. It’s a simple, but profoundly effective tool.

Negotiation Style

How to find one’s natural negotiation style and determine the style of the people across the table plus how to use both successfully.



The “How to Negotiate High-Profit Sales Planner” teaches a salesperson how to plan- really plan before a negotiation. The planner guides them through the minefield of sales negotiation. It helps them avoid mistakes, and most importantly - it shapes the way they think. They will reach a point where they will never be ambushed again.

Horse-Trading Wisdom

Some thoughts from Bob’s dad and Bob’s years in business that keep you on track, and prevent the mistakes you regret for years afterward.

A source of practical productivity and awareness for corporations and associations, this program is available in keynote, and half, full-day, or two-day training seminars.  Each presentation is tailored to your organization.