Business Negotiation Training Course:
Negotiating When Relationships Matter

The importance of conducting successful business negotiations with co-workers, customers, hard bargainers, and your own management team cannot be overstated!

A natural for customer service departments, negotiations inside the company and between divisions, this business negotiation training program will provide participants with the understanding and techniques to negotiate effectively in business and on a personal level.  This training program includes hands-on exercises and case studies with special emphasis on:

  • Negotiating in existing on-going relationships
  • Negotiating in highly sensitive situations
  • Negotiating when the gap between parties is great and there seems little hope

In this business negotiation training program, your executives and managers will learn:

Tactics & Strategies
How to negotiate for results, while maintaining relationships. Through two decades in business, management and teaching business people all over the world, Bob has identified the most effective business tactics and he’ll teach your executives exactly how to respond to them.

Continuum of Business
A key thought process that separates this negotiation program from all others.  It’s the key to maintaining relationships.

All About Power
Where real power comes from, how to get more of it, how to keep from giving it away, and how to keep from being abused by others.

How to position before and during a negotiation. How to position themselves, their ideas, your company, and its products and services for maximum results in a negotiation.

Formula for Success
A proven process that works wonders in any negotiation. It heads off trouble before it starts, and it puts your executives in charge of a meeting. It’s a simple, but profoundly effective tool.

Negotiation Style
How to find one’s natural negotiation style and determine the style of the people across the table plus how to use both successfully.

The “STREET-SMART Negotiation Planner” teaches a business person how to plan - really plan before a negotiation. The planner guides them through the minefield of negotiation. It helps them avoid mistakes, and most importantly - it shapes the way they think. They will reach a point where they will never be ambushed again.

Horse-Trading Wisdom
Some thoughts from Bob’s dad and Bob’s years in business that keep you on track, and prevent the mistakes you regret for years afterward.

A source of practical productivity and awareness for corporations and associations, this program is available in keynote, and half, full-day, or two-day training seminars.  Each presentation is tailored to your organization.