Negotiation Testimonials

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Bob spent two days with our team. The feedback I received from each of our sales reps was exceptional. Bob had a knack of showing us how to dig deeper and overcome the common negotiation pratfalls we all fall into. His approach was unique, fun and above all, effective. If you need better sales results, I highly recommend the Negotiating Wisdom platform. There are sales tools no team should be without. Bob’s program is one of them.
— Shawn Greene - VP Sales & Marketing, Jacobs & Thompson Inc.
“Daisy Brand engaged Negotiating Wisdom to conduct a session for its sales force that related to the current economic conditions, and how it would affect our customers. Bob Gibson did an awesome job of engaging and challenging the group to learn and consider all options in their negotiating process. The group appreciated the expertise Bob brought to the table and each sales person was able to leave with additional tools to work with this year.”
— Ted Rogers - Daisy Brand
“Having recently attended the course and meeting Bob Gibson personally, I highly recommend Negotiating Wisdom courses. The delivery is on pace and very effective for those present. The exercises add value to the tools and techniques described during the course. Enjoy your time with Mr. Gibson, listen intently and learn to become a better negotiator.”
— Director of Technical Regulations Worldwide - Hewlett Packard
“The part of this that works so well for me is the “step-by-step” approach. I tend to be all over the place, and the logical approach of this program gave me the structure I needed to present a logical, businesslike approach, and it paid off with a great account. My bosses have never seen this side of me (I haven’t either).”
— John T, Raleigh, NC
“This really works! As I completed the worksheets, it not only prepared me for the negotiation, it changed the way I see what I bring to the table. It is worth the extra money, and didn’t realize it! Thank you so much.”
— Martha T, Dallas, TX
“While at Textron Financial, Bob was hired to lead a seminar, entitled “The Art of Negotiation”, for a large group of credit and sales personnel. Not only did Bob make the material relative to the Commercial Finance Industry, he skillfully enlightened the entire audience on communication, cooperation, and compromise. Textron’s Commercial Finance Division had several of our best years after that seminar, and often talked about the positive impact that Bob had on our team interaction.”
— Reed Howard - Job1 Executive Search
“The concept of Positioning is powerful. It changed everything for me, because it gave me a way to negotiate without using the tricks and gimmicks that are such a turn-off. Thank you.”
— Louisa D, Atlanta, GA
“Our sales force quickly recognized several benefits of the program. First, they could immediately apply the gambits to their own selling situations. Second, and most important, the gambits work! These two factors have dramatically raised the confidence levels in our people at a time that it is most needed.”
— John Dvorsky. In-house Project Manager - Yellow Freight Systems, Inc.
“Thank you so much for your wonderful work. This program is like having you over my shoulder, guiding me as I get ready for my meeting with my customer. The planner alone is worth the investment of the program.”
— Jerry B, Santa Clara, CA
“Bob Gibson is a high impact presenter that can teach in a fast moving, entertaining style. It’s been a year since his presentation and I have seen his strategies used in the field, and am convinced that this has contributed greatly to our success this year in signing more contracts.”
— Director Of Sales - Coloplast, Corp.
“Experienced speaker, good material and passionate speech!”
— Indirect Material & Service Procurement Manager of Great China - Kraft Food
“In the beginning, we wanted to hire Negotiating Wisdom for our sales force, but decided that our entire management team could use this training, because negotiating is a basic skill required for each of us. At our International Business meeting last January, Bob filled the bill to a “T,” and we all got what we wanted — better skills for our personal and professional lives. If you are open minded and want to improve, Negotiating Wisdom is worth the investment.”
— Frederick E. Wallin, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development - AFG Industries, Inc
“As a leader in the global Pulp and Paper Industry with 5 billion in sales, we became aware of a serious deficit in the operational structure of our corporation. We were not aggressively developing leadership for the future. This is a common phenomenon for champions in a healthy and active economic environment- maximize today and worry later about tomorrow.

Bob Gibson at Negotiation Wisdom was able to make leadership in our business world an exciting subject. We see evidence each day of the impact on the managers who participated —- in their daily performance, their interpersonal skills and professional demeanor. The programs’ content and design, in concert with Bob’s style, resulted in leadership development success for our team. We are now focused on an opportunity to utilize Bob Gibson’s unique abilities in today’s pulp and paper Marketplace, in the area of negotiating on the Corporate level, and developing a training program directed toward the sales force to maximize profits.”
— Vaughn Pusey, Sales Manager for the Americas - Metso USA Inc.
“Bob, I wanted to thank you for the outstanding training you provided at our company recently. It exceeded my expectations, which is something I rarely say when it comes to training and learning. The fact that you tailored the presentation to our specific needs was great. We are in a business where long term relationships matter, and you did a great job of describing how to negotiate while maintaining a positive relationship with our customer. We had a mix of experience levels within our class. I was particularly impressed with the positive comments I received after the class from some of my employees who have 30+ years of experience negotiating. Even the most experienced negotiators thought the class was beneficial and time well spent. Perhaps the best part of the experience was that I noticed several people using the strategies they learned in customer negotiations right away.”
— Kellsey Justus, VP Airborne Power and Control - Astronics AES
“Bob Gibson is the man to see when you have a deal you can’t afford to lose.”
— Gene Greissman - Author of Time Tactics of Very Successful People
“Playing For Keeps made an immediate and significant impact on Verifone. Bob Gibson’s ability to customize his content to fit our unique selling environment and his reinforcement of our existing sales training program improved the bottom line and increased sales force confidence.”
— Robert Bergman, Ph.D., Manager of Performance Systems - VeriFone, Inc
“Bob Gibson at Negotiation Wisdom has been our sales negotiation instructor for the last seven plus years, and has been an excellent resource. This introductory workshop is always well received and the tools Bob provides are invaluable in the sales negotiation process. The following is a quote from one of our class participants from the last session offered this year.”

”Negotiation Wisdom training was one of the best trainings I’ve attended, ever. Bob was engaging and kind, had a great sense of humor, and appreciated what each of his “students” had to offer. If there is a next level of Sales Negotiation available with Bob Gibson, I would love the opportunity to attend.”
— Ben Showalter VP Training and Development - Northwest Farm Credit Services
“Negotiating When Relationships Matter” is an excellent skills development program taught by an expert in the field of negotiations. The program is applicable to any business discipline whether it be negotiating a deal with a potential business partner or negotiating with a colleague over valuable internal resources. The practical approach and excellent exercises make it a program that participants leave feeling as though they now have easy to apply techniques that will help them with their future negotiations.”
— Chris Wells VP, Human Resources - Xoma