Negotiation Training for Sales Professionals

The simple truth is you don't have a choice as to whether or not your salespeople negotiate – only whether they do it well, or poorly.  In today’s highly competitive markets, your salespeople must be highly effective negotiators.

“This is The Most Effective, Professional, Down-to-Earth, Common Sense Sales Negotiation Training Program Anywhere!”

Clients in sales usually call us in to address one of - or a combination of - two situations:

  • A need for more business, more market share - closing more sales - or
  • Greater margins.

They may say: "Our market share is holding, but increased competition is eroding our margins".

Both situations are improved by improved negotiation skills. You need training based on solid thinking, with experience in the marketplace, proven Street-Smarts, and the ability to transmit those to your people. We teach sales teams to close more sales at higher margins. All of our negotiation training is customized, but we usually begin with one of our core offerings, below: