Ultimate Secrets of Salary Negotiation - $97.00

Virtually 100% of incomes in the world are determined by a salary negotiation.

Your salary negotiation determines where you live, what you drive, where you vacation, how you eat, and where (or if) your children go to college.

So unless you optimize your chances for success during your next salary negotiation, your career (and your life) may never be as successful as it could be.

You'll be leaving thousands of dollars (maybe tens of thousands) on the table... because you haven't bothered to perform the necessary homework to perform well when the chips are down and you are at the crucial hour of negotiations.

In Ultimate Secrets of Salary Negotiation, you'll discover:

  • The most common mistakes in Salary Negotiation. - Page 17.
  • The Three Most Important Factors in Your Ability To Negotiate a Good Salary... Page20.
  • The Most Important Skill You Can Have in Negotiating Your Salary! (If you only read one chapter, this should be it!) - Page 27.
  • A planner to prepare you for negotiation. If you do a good job at this, you will not Be ambushed. - Page 89.
  • How to read other people. These are critical skills. Ignore them at your peril - Page 53.
  • After you've done the planning, what to do to be sure that at the table, you take it to the next level”. This is key for you to have a successful negotiation. - Page 102.
  • The 9 most powerful tactics to assure that you get the raise you want - and deserve! - Page 60.

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