Street-Smart Negotiating for Tech Professionals

Technical professionals are constantly confronted with the need to negotiate well.  Client requests for additional features and work outside the scope of current assignments, pressures to change schedules unreasonably - even a need to convince a customer of the wisdom of a particular course of action - all are calls to negotiate.  Failure to negotiate well creates vast frustration for the technical professional, short changes the client, and can result in significant lost revenue for the company.

This course provides technical professionals with the understanding and techniques to negotiate effectively in business and on a personal level.  Designed with the technical professional in mind, it addresses special negotiating problems for technical professionals.

At the outset of their careers, technical professionals are led to believe that their career path and success will depend strictly on intelligence, brightness, and their ability to perform tasks efficiently and flawlessly.

As they move from technician to manager, they're expected to have judgment, influence skills, and problem solving expertise in the people arena.  The ability to negotiate well becomes paramount in determining their effectiveness.

The program has an excellent track record in relating concepts, as well as the nuts and bolts of negotiation in a manner that is embraced by the technical mind.

Select from 28 negotiation modules that relate to your organization’s particular situation.