Street Smart Negotiating for the Tech Professional

Technical sales professionals are constantly confronted with the need to negotiate well. 

An exceptional grasp of highly technical data, establishing rapport, and a need to convince a customer of the wisdom of a particular course of action – all require negotiation skills.  Failure to negotiate well creates frustration, short changes the client, and can result in significant lost revenue for the company.

This course provides technical professionals with the understanding and techniques to sell effectively.  Designed with the technical professional in mind, it addresses special negotiating problems for technical professionals, including:

  • Selling in technical, highly competitive markets

  • Intentional schizophrenia – combining technical expertise and rapport-building in one person

  • Maximizing profit in technical selling

This program has an excellent track record of relating concepts, as well as the nuts and bolts of technical selling in a manner that is embraced by the technical mind.