Whether you're looking for a keynote or session speaker, you need real world and up-to-date content delivered in a way that engages, informs, and entertains. Bob Gibson is a skilled speaker, seminar leader, and corporate consultant with worldwide experience spanning two decades. His unique combination of negotiation and selling expertise, solid business insights, proven platform skills, and common sense have made him a valuable speaking resource to a wide cross-section of business.  Organizations as diverse as CNN/TBS, Genentech, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola have asked him back time and again.

Below is a list of available keynote and seminar topics which can be tailored to your organization and timing:

Corporate Negotiation

  • Negotiating When Relationships Matter
  • The Psychological Side of Negotiation

Sales Negotiation

  • Negotiating High-Profit Sales
  • Street-Smart Selling for Technical Professionals
  • How to Stop Leaving Money on the Table
  • Dealing with Buyers: Common Buyer Tactics and What to Do About Them
  • Negotiating in the Financial Industry
  • How to Get Out of the Commodity Box

Six Reasons to schedule Bob Gibson to speak at your next meeting:

  1. Common sense approach Sessions are not academic, not theoretical. Instead they are down-to-earth, common sense, and fun. People leave saying, "That made sense!"
  2. Interactive style Bob doesn't talk at people, but with them. Participants are engaged from beginning to end.
  3. Tailoring the message Each speaking engagement is the result of study – study of your industry and your company. Interviews with key people assure that your session will deliver the right message with the right approach for your specific audience.
  4. Entertaining Bob's natural style and humorous stories make his sessions a mixture of learning and entertainment. 
  5. Experience Bob's real life experiences, from professional musician, to Corporate Executive, to Negotiation Specialist inform the down-to-earth, practical, expertise he has shared with business people from Austin to Amsterdam, from Seattle to Singapore for 20 years. 
  6. He'll make you look good Bob can be counted on to consistently deliver high quality content with humor and style.  70% of Bob's appearances are repeat engagements.