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Negotiating in Teams

I've got quite a few upcoming assignments involving negotiating in teams, so I thought ideas in that arena might be a good way to begin the year.

  • Teams are fun! I’m always struck by how often I find teams laughing and enjoying themselves as they prepare for a negotiation. The interaction with others is usually a lot more fun than hammering out a strategy and tactics by yourself.

  • A team gives you access to different points of view. No matter how clever or smart you are, no one knows it all. Some situations require diverse sets of knowledge, abilities, or expertise. The different shadings and points of view that emerge from a team approach can pay off in real dollars.
    And, as in anything else, there can be downsides:
  • Teams take more time. The process of interacting (and exploring all those different options and ideas) takes time. It’s easy to get sidetracked and spend time on dead-end approaches.
  • Team solutions can be too complicated. We’ve all experienced a hopelessly complicated end product that was a result of a team effort—take the U.S. Tax Code, for example, or just about any bill that gets through Congress. Negotiations can suffer the same problems.

    When I'm preparing a team for a negotiation, here's a few general guidelines I try to follow:
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Planning for Negotiation: The “Who” Side

In our last blog, we showed you the One-Minute Negotiation Planner. It’s great for what it is: a tool designed to keep you from being ambushed.

You may have noticed, though, that it was concerned only with what YOU wanted from the negotiation. By definition,

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