How to Produce Good Negotiators in Your Sales Force, #4: Reward What You Want Done

This is the fourth and final of a 4 part series of blogs addressing negotiating ability in the sales arena.  If someone other than you would be a better fit for this, please pass it along.

If you have missed the first three articles in this series: #1 (Hire the Right People), #2 (Be Sure They are Trained) or #3 (Reinforce Training) you may want to refer to them first. 

#4. Reward what you want done. Be sure your compensation package rewards what you want to happen!

It’s surprising how often I see this basic principle violated. I recently worked with an international company with several hundred salespeople. We designed a custom program, produced it on video/CD-ROM, and trained very good facilitators to deliver the roll-out and follow-up.
The negotiating training went very well - but results were below expectations. This was due to a very simple fact: the compensation plan didn’t reward the changes we were trying to implement. We were changing the culture, asking the sales force to alter their fundamental approach to business - going for profit instead of just being grateful to get the business. What happened for those who took up the challenge, who led the charge, who went head-to-head in confrontational situations and emerged victorious? Nothing.  There was no pay-off.  The sales force was on a salary.
When you ask people to make changes, to do difficult things outside their comfort zone, reward them for doing it. Salespeople are smart. They can sense a flaw in a compensation package before it hits the mail room. Be sure your compensation package reinforces what you want to accomplish.
So, it’s really that simple. Not easy - but simple. If you want your sales force to be good negotiators, to not just boost gross revenues, but profits - follow these four axioms:

  1. Hire the right people.
  2. Teach them how to negotiate.
  3. Reinforce the training. One-shot training doesn’t work.
  4. Reward what you want done.   

Incorporate these concepts into your company and watch the profits rise.
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