If Negotiating Is Uncomfortable For You, Get Over It!

As I consult, train, and speak I have the opportunity to exchange ideas about negotiation with many salespeople and their managers during the course of a year.

I’m surprised at the reluctance many salespeople have when it comes to negotiating. Many would rather take a trip to the dentist than negotiate with a buyer for the fair value of their product or service! It’s that distasteful to them!  Think with me on this for a moment.

The average salesperson spends a great deal of time and effort preparing for a sales call and it takes a lot of expertise. They have to know their products and services. They have to prospect, to set appointments, to prepare and deliver a professional presentation. When it finally comes time to “make the deal”, when they’re face-to-face, toe-to-toe with the buyer for the negotiation (which determines the profit) it takes a few minutes. It’s amazing how short, how few minutes are spent in actual head-to-head negotiations – usually less that 20 – an hour at most.

If you are willing to negotiate and be uncomfortable for that one hour, the bottom line of your deal can vary dramatically based on your negotiation skills and your nerve.

It’s like buying a house. The actual time spent in negotiating (not looking) for a home is a few hours. If you’re willing to negotiate, be uncomfortable for a few hours and get a great deal, you’ll live better for 10 to15 years. That’s a few hours well spent. Apply that same principle to a year-long contract. If negotiating is uncomfortable for you, I understand that. But if you can get around that, the pay-offs can be well worth being uncomfortable for a small amount of time. There’s a lesson here. Here’s the deal life offers the professional salesperson:

Be uncomfortable for a few minutes, and live better for a long time!

It‘s the easiest money you’ll ever make!I tell sales groups all the time: You don’t make better money, either for yourself or the company, than when you’re negotiating well.

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